With vast and rich experience of more than 50 combined years in which we often "spat blood" and "grew white hair", YaYa Projects has positioned itself as a leading company within the defense industry community capable of producing and sourcing, but more important: delivering specialty products, services and turn-key solutions for armed forces of the free world, both foreign, and domestic.

Through our extensive and fruitful contacts and collaboration with leading defense experts and companies both in Israel and around the world, our company can offer its valued customers with unique, high-quality and affordable defense products which in many cases – are equal to none.
Each and every member of our team, led by our company's founder – Mr. Yotam Gal, is a veteran of the IDF Special Forces, as well as a constantly-trained, updated and experienced professional and an SME in his field of expertise.
We are a group of hard-working diligent confidential professionals, which will do whatever it takes and "walk these nine extra miles" while demonstrating complete transparency, just to prove our valuable customers we do not just talk the talk - We ALAWYS Walk the walk!
YaYa Projects is officially authorized and registered by the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a defense exporter.